Fabler Slab

Fabler Slab is an exploration of readability in typeface design. The proportions are a result of the study both Egyptian and typewriter faces. It was important to keep some aspect of the look of typewriter faces to appeal to the intended audience. The aesthetic of the typeface is a result of the both worlds.

Fabler Slab is now in it's initial stage.With attention in the consideration of frequently used words such as "the" and vowels. The design of the typeface was meant use the serifs to indicate the flow of reading. An experiment carried out in this version.Ink catches prevent over saturation of ink during the printing process and adds to the distinct points of recognition to the character,important when reading.Further developments will look into improving individual characters so as to neutralize it's now distinct look to a more universal one. Light and bold versions of the typeface are being developed.