Costco Rebranding

Costcos main priority is to benefit their members by creating value in purchasing everyday products.

Kirkland aims to bridge that gap for the millenials into the transition category to built trust.Since Quality true in products, it is crucial that the aesthetics of products translate that quality.To appreciate the support of the boomers, New products and Systems will be designed to not leave any target group behind.

Stockpile is an occupation specific brand to the essentials of small business Owners that fall between Costco and costco business center. The brand intends to induce the tribe association within consumers by having a ranges of curated products for them. Once trustability is established, it will allow Costco to have more control over the behavior of these consumers. Stockpiles Selection be a balance of demand, cost and quailty.

Think is Health and beauty brand which consist of is a range of hypoallergenic products that are safe, reliable and allergen free. These are offered at human size bulk.

Axis is a home and decor line that aims to suit your everyday preferences. Reversible sheet covers mats and interchangeable items that youll will never see a mundane day.It also serves to boost the value of kirkland.